My name is Brian Davis. I live in the Pacific Northwest, like computers (obviously), math, science, philosophy and religion. I read comics, science fiction and fantasy. I write a little. I garden, run, swim and love the outdoors.

This site is a place for me to post things that might be interesting to people. Not claiming any unusual insight or exceptional talents but sharing in the open spirit of the early internet.

I have a large family. I'm an adoptive father and a father of kids with special needs. I love Jesus and want to be more like Him. If you want to read about that you might check out our family blog or check some of my writing.

This site is written in markdown with the vim editor, parsed and rendered by a collection of python scripts. It's hosted by Digital Ocean. Use my referral link and help me keep it online.

Brief Resume

Please contact me (see below) for references or a more detailed resume.